Sustainability? We get it!

We believe you deserve sustainable coffee capsules without having to forego incredibly delicious coffee – and deliver both within a few days. You can even get CUP VERDE coffee as a subscription, meaning you have one less thing to worry about!

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Sweeten your customers’ waiting time with sustainable coffee

A coffee machine in the waiting room? Why not! A practical capsule machine and a decorative glass with colorful CUP VERDE coffee capsules are always a welcome sight. Many doctor's offices or physiotherapy practices set up water dispensers in their waiting rooms so that their patients can treat themselves to a refreshment while they wait. If you also like to serve a cup of coffee, capsule coffee is an ideal choice, because each cup is freshly brewed – after all, nobody likes drinking coffee that has been on the hotplate for hours. With our mix packs, you get three of our most popular coffee varieties to choose from and the right coffee for every taste. Another bonus: capsule machines usually take up much less space than portafilter or filter machines.

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We love companies that take responsibility

With CUP VERDE coffee capsules, your company is making a statement! Of course, we all want to drink delicious coffee. But it is becoming increasingly clear that employees also expect their companies to take responsibility for protecting our climate. We all have to do something for the environment and with biodegradable coffee capsules from CO₂-neutral production, your company is doing its part. Declare war on wasting resources and ever-growing mountains of garbage and reduce your company's ecological footprint a little. You are also sending important impulses to customers or patients. Ideally, you are also budging them a little to rethink their consumption and to choose a sustainable alternative for coffee.

It couldn’t be easier: our coffee subscription

Regardless of whether your office drinks litres of coffee every day or only brews a few cups – at some point you will need a coffee refill. With our CUP VERDE coffee subscription you can ensure that coffee capsules are always in stock. You can easily and individually set the amount and intervals of your coffee delivery.

You want a hundred capsules every two weeks? You got it!
Is a big pack once a month enough for you? We'll deliver it to you!

Of course, you can adjust your subscription at any time if your needs change. You can also pay by invoice – it really couldn't be any easier.

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