Coffee for companies

Enjoy coffee with a clear conscience

Really good coffee that is also really good for the planet: that's what we're all about.

CUP VERDE is capsule coffee for connoisseurs – and for do-gooders. We want you to be able to enjoy the best coffee with a clear conscience. That's why we offer you a sustainable capsule coffee that is kind to the environment – ​​and is also incredibly delicious.

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  • For the flavour

    Taste is everything! We only use carefully selected, gently roasted coffee to fill our capsules – for an explosion of flavours in your cup.

  • For the planet

    We care about our planet: with climate-neutral operations, resource-saving packaging and fair working conditions for the coffee farmers.

  • For you

    Delicious coffee doesn't need to be complicated – with a biodegradable coffee capsule and practical big packs for less packaging waste.

Why did we found CUP VERDE?

We founded CUP VERDE because we are concerned about the impact that coffee cultivation has on our planet. Because we love coffee and can't imagine life without it, we want to make it better – without sacrificing good taste or unnecessarily complicating things. That's why we knew from the start that CUP VERDE should offer everything you're used to from coffee capsules:
a system that's easy to use, delicious aroma and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are not contributing to the mountain of aluminium and plastic waste.

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Quality is our top priority

With CUP VERDE we have created a coffee that we also like to drink ourselves. That is why we only fill our capsules with coffee of the highest quality. We carefully select the beans, roast them gently and for a long time and screen every single batch. We really want to be believe in what goes into our capsules, which is why we subject each batch to an intensive quality test: for taste, but also flow, aroma and crema formation.

Convince yourself

Climate-neutral coffee in biodegradable coffee capsules

CUP VERDE is climate neutral – from the cultivation of the first coffee plant to the transport and production of our capsules. We avoid emissions wherever possible and offset all the rest. To this end, we have teamed up with ClimatePartner to support climate protection projects in the countries where our coffee is grown.

Our capsules are also great because they are made from 100% bio-based material. The capsule itself is made from corn starch, the lid from paper and the print from natural cellulose – all biodegradable. We want to protect finite resources, so plastic and aluminum have no place at CUP VERDE.

Less waste, more convenience

CUP VERDE is the coffee capsule that doesn't clutter up your home. We offer our coffee in practical big packs of 100 capsules. No plastic, no frills and no annoying flyers and inserts, but an unbeatable price of 35 cents per capsule. Our online shop is designed for maximum convenience: with a repurchase function, a coffee subscription and all common payment options, you'll never be without your next batch of CUP VERDE capsules for long. The capsule itself is made of corn starch, the lid is made of paper and the print is made of natural cellulose – all biodegradable. We want to protect finite resources, so plastic and aluminium have no place at CUP VERDE.

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